About The OLC

The Outdoor Learning Centre has 55 acres of arable land and woodland on the Broadlands Estate, with a Forest School, Climbing Wall, Archery Range, Classrooms and a growing farm. This creates a perfect environment for young people to explore and grow in all aspects of their development.

The use of Forest School and Outdoor Learning Activities for long and short-term programmes are hugely beneficial in enabling young people to engage within a natural space. They focus on developing personal, social and emotional life skills through learner led, nature-based learning, whilst accessing a curriculum that develops key skills such as English, Maths and Science in these activities

Activities are run at our farm sites or at other activity centres to provide a holistic approach to meeting the emotional and educational needs of our students. Thus allowing relationships based around trust and self-exploration to develop, which promotes positive engagement and supports the student in growing self-confidence.

Educational Provision

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Therapeutic Benefits

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I have seen real positive change in AA and he now appears to want to increase and start to engage in his learning opportunities. It goes without saying how you have all helped to shape him with your involvement into his education package.

Parent of AA, Year 3

So refreshing that he is self-motivated to get out of bed and come to the OLC. He has never been a child that felt able to do this even from Primary School. It’s always been a struggle to get him to school. He now just wants to come!

Parent of ZC, Year 9

CC really enjoyed it and it has helped us engage him in a more meaningful way today. He has even been able to accept negative information from us and his carers. I know it is early days but I get the sense he was grateful for having the opportunity and it really helped build a sense that as adults we are here for him.

Headteacher, Nightingale Primary School