OFSTED and Impact

The importance of place

‘Particular places can have special significance, bringing extra depth to students’ learning and experience’.

Contributing to the Every Child Matters outcomes

Learners of all ages involved in the survey said that they enjoyed working away from the classroom. They found it ‘exciting’, ‘practical’, ‘motivating’, ‘refreshing’ and ‘fun’. They made such comments as:

  • You see rather than listen

  • We learn in a fun way

  • We like learning by doing

As Ofsted stated in response to the Education Committee Third Special Report “Transforming Education Outside the Classroom” “Inspectors are required to take account of the extent to which a broad and balanced curriculum is designed and modified to meet the needs of individuals, and the design, range and depth of the curriculum from the pupils’ perspective. Clearly, a curriculum is only likely to have these qualities or attributes if it provides substantial opportunities for pupils to learn outside the classroom.”