Most young people who come to us have found a traditional approach to education challenging and so we frame our curriculum differently. We incorporate and embed core subjects into practical engagement focussed activities in a ‘non-school-like’ environment.

Our strengths-based approach seeks to identify interests and passions and build on them to increase academic resilience and positive associations with education to eventually support them to re-engage with an appropriate educational setting.

Our staff team are either qualified teachers, or specialist practitioners and within the setting we have a qualified SENCO who is able to provide formal educational testing and write access arrangements, and works with teaching staff to design an individual education plan. Our team are able to provide explicit lessons and exams for functional skills and GCSE.

Young people build evidence of social and academic achievement and gain awards that demonstrate their commitment and improved ability to engage with education.

Starting with the relationship, we build a trusting, mutually respectful and relaxed relationship with the young person, aiming to engage them in activities that interest them, whether they are based around sport, computers, building, forest school, fishing or animal care – or a combination of lots of things to see what works.

We passionately believe in the transformative power of the outdoors. We utilise the stunning natural environment which surrounds us to engage, challenge and excite the young people we work with and as a vehicle to explore concepts such as risk, relationships and resilience.

At NFC Alternative Education, we see each young person as an individual who needs a distinct approach and strategy to re-engage them with education and learning. NFC Alternative Education prides itself on designing a curriculum to match the young person rather than expecting them to fit the curriculum. Young people who have had limited engagement in other settings will not only find an entire academic timetable too stressful and demanding, causing them to disengage, but it will not meet their social, emotional, and behavioural development needs.


Isle of Wight


I have seen real positive change in AA and he now appears to want to increase and start to engage in his learning opportunities. It goes without saying how you have all helped to shape him with your involvement into his education package.

Parent of AA, Year 3

So refreshing that he is self-motivated to get out of bed and come to the OLC. He has never been a child that felt able to do this even from Primary School. It’s always been a struggle to get him to school. He now just wants to come!

Parent of ZC, Year 9

CC really enjoyed it and it has helped us engage him in a more meaningful way today. He has even been able to accept negative information from us and his carers. I know it is early days but I get the sense he was grateful for having the opportunity and it really helped build a sense that as adults we are here for him.

Headteacher, Nightingale Primary School