School Farm

Our school farm is situated at Bartley and is home to our Animal Management and Horticulture courses. Alongside poly-tunnels and greenhouses it also features a small frog pond, a range of raised beds and is home to a growing menagerie of animals. From rabbits, guinea pigs and tortoises to pigs, hens and goats, students enjoy learning to care for all the animals as well as spending time developing and maintaining the infrastructure of the farm.  

More information can be found on our dedicated School Farm page. 

Outdoor Education

Our outdoor education lessons take place at a variety of venues. Our instructors are able to make extensive use of TBC site and distance from our school. This enables students to undertake a range of activities including skiing, climbing, archery, ropes courses, problem solving, orienteering and many more. We also have close links with TBC allowing students access to dinghy sailing and power boat training. We have recently acquired a small fleet of mountain bikes to further develop Outdoor Education and make use of our close proximity to the New Forest.

Environmental Education & Bushcraft

We use both our farms for Environmental Science and Bushcraft skills which supports both the Science and Outdoor Education curriculum.